Monday, June 24, 2013

Revolutionizing How Business Interacts with IT

Virtualization technologies have allowed IT to streamline delivery of IT services to business. We can establish templates to support common requests and automate deployments. But is this all that we can do with IT virtualization?

What if we took the automation further and reduced the delivery of an entire technology stack to a few minutes and even seconds?

What if we allowed customers to order like they'd order a book from Amazon?

What if we allowed customers to offer their own services in the same marketplace as the basic offerings, again, like Amazon?

What if we allowed them the freedom to run as fast as they'd like while making clear which responsibilities transfer to them?

What if we provided services, with high levels of automation and self-services, that help them to take these new responsibilities with ease?

What if we were completely transparent about expenses and provided fine-grained measurement of services rendered and consumed?

What if customers could easily employ APIs to expand and contract their IT services consumption as load increases and decreases?

What if the business passed a similarly fluid use of IT services to their customers?

Now all we need is a name for this. The name needs to act as short-hand for all of the above.


Jarrod Stenberg said...

OK, I should say what I mean.... What I'm referring to is cloud. THE cloud. Call it what you will, I think this is what it's about. And if anyone in IT wants to be cynical about the above, well I hope you're looking into some retraining because you'll only be able to hold it off for not much longer.

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